Saturday - September 7, 2013

Century Rides will check-in and start at the Community Center 52 Natoma Street.

This year we are proud to support a local charity in need. Part of the proceeds will go to “Powerhouse Transition Center” in Folsom. The Powerhouse Homeless Transition Center for Women and Children offers food, shelter and the tools necessary to build a brighter future for those ready to seize the opportunity for change in their lives. For more information please visit them at Transition Center For Women & Children

Full Century - 100 miles

Metric Century - 63 Miles

Half Metric - 32 mile

Century Rides:
As tenacious pioneers forged their way up steep canyon walls and descended deep gullies seeking riches, they created paths that became some of the best cycling routes in Northern California. Visit the back roads of the western foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Climbs hills like Baxter’s grade and the beautiful back roads around the Bear River. Enjoy the unique, beautiful and challenge rides of the Sierra.

These events will be a fully supported ride coordinated by Capitol Adventure and the dedicated members of Cycle Folsom and the Folsom Area Bicycle Advocates. You’ll be rewarded with some of the best views of the countryside as you travel through these rural communities along the way, with a couple of challenging climbs. The course is fully supported with great volunteers and a wide variety food to keep you energized.

Support: Gold Rush Full Century, Metric and Half-Metric Century

Start / Finish: Folsom Community Center, 52 Natoma Street - Start time is between 7:00am-8:30am. Slower riders and Full Century Riders are encouraged to start at 7:00am to make sure they are able to finish ride and make it to rest stops before they close.

Rest Stops: There are 3 rest stops and a couple water stops on the Full Century route. The 3 rest stops will provide restrooms, food and drinks. The water stops will only provide water and limited food. In addition, a free feast will be provided at the end of the ride at the Cyclebration festival site at Folsom City Park.

Rest Stop No. 1 will be at the Loomis Basin Regional Park (approximate mile 15) Open from 7:30am-10:45am

Rest Stop No. 2 & 4 is at the Auburn District Regional Park (approximate mile 34) Note that Full Century riders also hit this station coming back at mile 66. mile 70. Open from 8:15am-3:15pm

Rest Stop No. 3 is at the Bear River Campgrounds (approximate mile 53) Open from 9:15am-1:15pm

Water #1 Water Station Only - Newcastle Park & Ride (Mile 82 for Full Century and mile 46 for Metric) - Open from 9:15am –3:30pm

Finish At Folsom Lions Park Open from 10:00am–4:30pm

One of the highlights of this ride is the great food offered at the rest stops. The exact selection and quantities will vary from year to year based on availability and feedback from riders. The two rest stops are planning on having peanut butter, jam, cream cheese, bagels, fruit, nuts, crackers, cookies, sodas, Gatorade, cliff bars, etc. So don’t worry about running out of energy on this ride.

There will also be a free "after ride" meal for all riders at the finish. It will be an all-you-can-eat salad, garlic bread, pasta and fruit.

Restrooms and/or porta potties will be available at rest stops.

SAG (Support And Gear):
There will be a sag wagon patrolling the entire route. The sag is equipped with tools and supplies to repair minor bike problems (flats, etc.) and a broom to take care of roadside glass if such is reported to them. Riders are asked to report any glass to sag or to the rest stop volunteers.

Sag support is the not the same as a taxi. Our Sags are on the course for everyone’s safety and the best we many be able to do is move you forward to the next rest stop, where you will have to wait until another sag can move you forward one more rest stop (and on to the finish). We will make every effort to accommodate you.

Riding Ambassadors:
In addition to our sag wagon there will also be Riding Ambassadors. They will leave at various times and will try staying with the larger groups of riders. They will have cells phones and will have contact with our dispatch for any emergencies and sag support.

Some mechanical support at the start/finish as well as at some rest stops will be available. While this arrangement may not be able to fix serious issues, it should be able to resolve minor ones to allow you to potentially finish. If mechanic recommends that your bike is not safe to continue on, we ask that you respect this recommendation and allow us to sag you to the finish.

Safety / Rules of the Road:
-This is not a race and there is no winner
-ANSI/Snell-approved helmets must be worn at all time during the ride
-All riders must carry a driver’s license or other form of ID.
-All riders are responsible for the safety and condition of your bicycle and equipment
-All riders must check-in at start
-Please be courteous to local drivers and respectful of traffic
-Bicyclists must obey all California Vehicle code laws, including all stop signs and signals.
-Local authorities may cite violators.
-Ride single file and stay right
-When passing another cyclist announce "on your left" to all riders being passed.
-Private sag vehicles are prohibited. Riders with private sags will be disqualified

Riders Must Carry:
Spare tube
Patch kit
Tire irons
Water bottles

$50 Full Century (100 miles) and Metric Century (65 miles)
$40 Half Metric Century (32 Miles)

Fee includes a 2013 Commemorative T-shirt

A $10 increase per event for same day registration.

Gold Rush Maps:
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Half Metric Century ride will head across Kings Rd to Auburn Folsom Road after Rest Stop #1

Metric Century Ride will Turn around at Rest Stop #2 and back track on Dry Creek and Joeger Rd for 2.4 miles, then turn left on Mt. Vernon.

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